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Framing of replica medals


The Chancellery of Canadian Orders and Decorations which forms a part of the Office of the Governor General has granted us approval to offer you a full-sized replica featuring your decoration or medal in an attractive framed display.


♦ Bravery Decorations
---The Star of Courage
---The Medal of Bravery

♦ The Order of Canada
-- -Companion
-- -Officer
-- -Member

♦ The Order of Military Merit
-- -Commander
-- -Officer
-- -Member

♦ Order of Merit of the Police Forces
-- -Commander
-- -Officer
-- -Member

♦ Meritorious Service Cross
-- -Military
-- -Civilian

♦ Meritorious Service Medal
-- -Military
-- -Civilian

♦ Exemplary Service Medals
-- -Police
-- -Peace officer
-- -Fire Services
-- -Emergency Medical Services
-- -Corrections
-- -Canadian Coast Guard

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Long Service Medal


♦ Commemorative Medals
-- -Diamond Jubilee Medal of QEII
-- -Golden Jubilee Medal of QEII
-- -QEII Silver Jubilee Medal
-- -Canadian Centennial Medal
-- -125th Anniversary of Canada Medal

Alberta Emergency Services Medal

Ontario Fire Long Service Medal

♦ The Military Valour Decorations
---The Victoria Cross
---Star of Military Valour
---Medal of Military Valour

The Sacrifice Medal

The Jordan Medal

We have incorporated the same high standard of quality and workmanship in the replica as is inherent in the actual decoration. However, the back of the reproduction is appropriately engraved so it could never be mistaken for an original decoration. The replica is mounted in a distinctive frame measuring 30 cm x 40 cm (12" x 16").

As a personal touch your name is featured in an inscription which states that the decoration is a replica of the one presented to you by the Governor General of Canada. The display is ready for immediate mounting in your home or office. Wherever displayed, it is sure to be admired by all who see it.

Miniatures, lapel pins and undress ribbons can be purchased separately.

For more information or quotation on replicas medals not mention above, please contact one of the team members of Joe Drouin Enterprises in the following link: CONTACT US

Please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery.