Medals, Ribbons & Etc.

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Court Mounted Original Full Size Medals


The full size original medal is mounted for wearing, includes ribbon

New38.25 $

Original Full Size Medals un-mounted plus ribbon


The full size original medal is not mounted for wearing it comes with a 20.3cm (8") of ribbon

New25.00 $

Silver Numeral 1

New4.50 $

Silver Numeral 2

New4.50 $

Silver Numeral 3

New4.50 $

Silver Numeral 4

New4.50 $

Silver Numeral 5

New4.50 $

Silver Numeral 6

New4.50 $

Full Size Ribbon per Foot

New4.25 $

Full Size Ribbon per Inch

New0.40 $

Full Size Ribbon per Roll

New210.00 $

Full Size Ribbon per Yard

New11.25 $

Slide-on Undress Ribbons, Canadian Style


Please note that the slide-on rack is not included with the purchase of the slid on ribbon and must be supplied by the customer or you can get one in the Miscellaneous section.

New5.00 $

Undress Ribbon with long post pins on back


For Tunic (dress coat), if you wanted short pin for CF/Shirt,please advise in the comment box at the end of checkout.

For an undress ribbon bar, the mounting staff automatically mount’s theme with long pin for tunic, together per set in order of precedence if this is not what you need please advise in the comment box at the end of checkout. Your choice off (short pin)for CF/Shirt and (long pin) tunics (dress coat).

New4.75 $