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You must complete the order form print it and send it to us by Mail or Fax  with the documentation
that you have served as outlined in “item 1, 2 & 3”

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1 - Proof (Service Record) by mail or fax of documents showing that you served during these time periods:   

     Peace  1947-2001

     NATO  1951-2004

     Alert 1958

     Humanitas 1984

     Pakistan 1989/1990   
Require form from your DND service called Member’s Personnel Record Resumeor theUER Employment History Record (CF743D)


2 - For replacement coin.......... Do you know the number of your coin? If yes, #

3 - Your Military Service Number is needed as supporting documentation.  This information is used for identification purposes only.  It is also needed if you need a replacement coin and cannot remember your original coin number.

Military Service Number #          -         -   


4 - Your original number will be engraved on the coin. Each coin will come in a clear plastic pouch.

Requirements/ Criteria  :

We are pleased to announce that we have been given the authority by the NATO Veterans Organization of Canada to issue the NATO Coin.  This coin is for those who served with NATO.

To Order:

The coin number is issued by the NATO Veterans Organization of Canada.

06 /2016

Coin                      $10.00 each

Replacement coin  $15.00 each